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You and Your Custom Bike

Patton Frames is a small bicycle frame building adventure powered by my love of bicycles and my passion for building useful things. I am not a big company with a dedicated size chart and options, together we will discuss what you want and how we're going to make it a reality. Whether it's your next fully loaded touring rig, supped up road racer, or down and dirty cross machine, let's work together to create your next favorite bike.


Ready to go? 

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Some nice words from nice people:

While I didn’t have the opportunity to ride the Magic/Monster Mike before loading her up and riding her 3500 miles to Austin, I did finally get a chance to unload her and shred. From road rides to single track, she eats it all up leaving nothing in her wake. While not a climber, she rips the butt clenching downhills, bombing through corners with the utmost confidence. While the road is where she gets her base miles it’s the single track where she really shines. Baseball size gravel, no problem. Technical turns... I just get in my oversized drops and hold on. The frame itself offers just enough compliance to eat it up while offering enough stiffness to not feel like a noodle. The clearance has me drooling to put 48c on but until my tours over, I probably won’t. The configurations are endless making it hard to decide what she’ll be at the end of this crazy trip.
— Thomas K. (Racer/ Adventure Cyclist)
As a painter it is always enjoyable to have Patton Frames in my queue. His design, tube choices, and fillets are constantly evolving. His communication is prompt and clear and his consistency has always been impressive. I have enjoyed seeing his progress this past year and look forward to what Patton Frames does in 2017, especially the bike he will be building for me!
— Brian P. (Owner - Platano Custom Paint)
When I found out about Mike’s process and how involved customers are in the design of their dream bike, I knew I wanted a Patton Frame. His creative vision was spot on and he was able to give me options when it came to design, so it truly was custom to my wants and needs. From initial frame design to paint color and more, I felt part of the process through it all and I’ll always think of that when I’m cruising on my Patton frame.
— Eileen F. (Recreational Rider)
This is my favorite bicycle. I can ride anywhere on my Patton. It works well as cross race bike, gravel bike, bike packing, some light (and sometimes not so light) MTB. You can even throw on road tires and go out in some spandex if that is your thing. The ability to tailor the bike to my specific needs at different points in time is paramount.
— Scot W. (Bike Mechanic/ Racer)



I want the process of building your dream frame to be open and enjoyable. I promise to work with you to get everything just how you want it but reserve the right to snicker and roll my eyes if your demands are too outlandish. This is about getting you the bike you've always wanted, not about me building what I want. This is a ride we will go on together and by the end of the journey I promise it will have been worth it.

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About Me

MY NAME IS Michael

I started becoming interested in bikes at an early age (whatever age kids have paper routes), since then it has blossomed into a horrible obsession that has made me the kind of person who has a bike for every occasion. I have a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Miami University where I first started experimenting with bamboo and carbon fiber frames as well as building a hybrid electric bike as part of my senior design project. After moving to Chicago many years ago and developing a small amount of disposable income I have been exploring how to make bikes the right way and have fallen in love with the process. Patton Frames is my outlet for sharing my love of building and riding bicycles with other people in the community.